The My Grades To Go app, also known as MyGradesToGo, is designed for students of any age and education level who want to keep track of their grades. With its simple and intuitive interface, students can quickly see an up-to-date class average for all of their classes. The app keeps students on track to achieve their desired letter grade throughout the duration of the class by displaying the next grade needed in each grade category to maintain or earn the minimum average needed for the overall class letter grade.

If you ever wanted to know what score you needed to get on your final exam to get an A in the class, then this is absolutely the app for you. Enter in your grades and class information, and let My Grades To Go do the math for you. Our clean and elegant design lets you see the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Main Features:

– Multiple Class Support

– Multiple Grade Categories

– Class and Grade Category Averages

– Next Grade Needed for an A, B, and C

– Adaptable Minimum Average Needed for A, B, and C

– Date for Every Grade


Why Get My Grades To Go?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

“How do I calculate my grades?”

“What do I need to score on my final to get an A in the class?”

“Where can I get a weighted grade calculator?”

“How do I get my grades to go up?”

“How can I track my grades?”

“Where can I get a final grade calculator?”

“Is there an app that can calculate grades?”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then My Grades To Go will help you. The My Grades To Go app can calculate your grades. My Grades To Go will tell you what you need to score on your next assignment in order to achieve or maintain your desired grade average. The My Grades To Go app is a weighted grade calculator. Simply use your course syllabus and specify what percentage each grade category counts towards your overall class grade. You can get your grades up by keeping track of your grades throughout the quarter/semester/year by using My Grades To Go and adjusting your study habits for better performance. The My Grades To Go app lets you track your grades all throughout the course duration – OR- you can enter in all of your grades at the end of course to figure out what you need to score on your final to achieve your desired letter grade. My Grades To Go is hands down the best final grade calculator on the market and is so easy to use. Your school grades are in your control with the My Grades To Go app – all of your grades are stored on your device and never shared outside of it.

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